First things first. Photography excites me. I have always been fascinated with portrait and sports photography in particular. I find inspiration in the work of others that came before me, such as Richard Avedon and Platon. Sometimes you can look at one of their photos and just see pure emotion.

That is what I want to convey through my photography. I want someone to look at one of my portraits and not simply see a picture, but instead to see something deeper. However, I don't think I will ever reach a point where I am completely satisfied with my technique. As such, I am always learning. I read and watch everything I can get my hands on, whether it is about camera technique, different studio lighting set-ups, or post-production software. You can read my blog to see what I am doing or where I have been. I will try to keep it updated regularly.

Having said that, I enjoy capturing images of life around me and sharing those with people. I created to give people access to the photos I take. I share many of my photos on, but these are full resolution and should provide great prints if you want to purchase them. I hope you enjoy the photos!

By day, I am a Criminal Defense attorney at Grimaldi Law Office. You can check me out at I live in Lincoln with my wife, Jennifer, and our two sets of twins, Gisella, Elena, Fiona, and Declan.

Here is a list of past events I've covered. If you are interested in images from them, just let me know via e-mail and I may make them available, just let me know. Here they are:

1. 2012-13 LCHS Boys Basketball
2. 2012 LCHS Football
3. 2012 LCHS Boys and Girls Golf
4. 2012 LCHS Boys Soccer
5. 2012 LCHS Girls Tennis
6. 2012 LCHS Volleyball
7. 2012 LCHS Wrestling
8. Lincoln FC Soccer Tournament 2012
9. LJHS Girls Basketball